Instazorb, ecological absorbent

Well yes, GREEN… ECOLOGIC… That’s Instazorb as well !!!

We have created this product not only for its great use in the occasional waste treatment, but because it respects our planet too.

InstaZorb is completely natural absorbent !
Its base is a volcanic rock extracted in Greece and Turkey, which is then grinded.
It is then introduced in an oven, following our own process, a house recipe !!!
Yes each one has their own know-how… We have the know-how for providing you the best NATURAL absorbent on Earth and extracted from the ground!

And now a some telling-off !!! Yes, why not? To the fire department and the emergency services!!!
They are brave, and at times our heroes … Except when, for instance, a road accident occurs and there are spilled liquids on the pavement, and they use diatom sands to coat the liquids, and nothing else … The worst of it, is that they spread the diatom sands and off they go … time after, the wind scatters the sand with imbibed oils around the fields and forests. Besides, if it rains, the water will carry the polluting liquids down to the water tables…

Instead of that, InstaZorb, absorbs oil immediately, therefore we simply need to spread it on top of the liquids and sweep it right away, leaving a clean and dry road.

¡¡¡ NON BIODEGRADABLE !!! Yes, fortunately, that’s what InstaZorb is … We all think systematically, that BIODEGRADATION is something good, without giving it much thought!!!
If the oil absorbent (or other liquids) used is biodegradable and the liquid absorbed isn’t … In such a case the liquid will escape!!! InstaZorb will retain it as much as it is necessary! Now, at least, if the fire department or the emergency services leave the soaked absorbent at the site, the Planet and us won’t have to pay their lack of diligence.

In what recycling is concerned… ¡¡¡ InstaZorb outstands !!! Thanks to it’s lightness, with an average density of 0,01 and a strong power of absorption, there is no other absorbent that can compete with it … It is known that for recycling a ton of soaked absorbent product the bill will rise up to between 580 and 800 Euros… InstaZorb accounts for 20% of the ton’s weight being recycled in comparison to the 60% of the same weight when looking at other absorbents …to your calculators!!!! For having a better view, check the table found at the ECONOMIC section.

And yes, once InstaZorb has been incinerated, thanks to its caloric charge, it can also be used to produce «lightened concrete ». Cement manufactures love it!!! The same as we do.